Welcome to the homesite of environmentally certified Snæfellsnes

The five municipalities in Snæfellsnes: Eyja- og Miklaholtshreppur, Helgafellssveit, Grundarfjarðarbær, Snæfellsbær and Stykkishólmsbær, have been awarded environmental certification by the EarthCheck organisation. The certification confirms that the region is an environmentally conscious community that systematically strives for improvements in environmental issues in the spirit of sustainable work practices. The certification applies to the activities of the municipalities and the public bodies operated by them.

The certification was initially achieved in 2008 after extensive preparations. The achievement received a great deal of attention, both in Iceland and overseas, as Snæfellsnes is the first community in Europe to be awarded the certification and the fourth in the world.

Maintaining the certification requires continuous improvements in environmental and community issues. An independent entity annually reviews the operation of the municipalities for the renewal of the certification. An extensive monitoring system for resource use in the area has been established to ensure results and supervision. The system monitors various environmental indicators such as energy and chemical use. It provides a better overview and can be useful in ensuring that we do not encroach on the environment as well as for economising in operations.

The municipalities have established a shared sustainability policy for Snæfellsnes. The policy states that the municipalities are resolved to:

  1. Work on continuous improvements in their own performance in environmental, economic and community issues, taking into account EarthCheck reference reports for the area.
  2. Ensure that the local labour force, goods and services enjoy priority.

Guests in the area are encouraged to lend the municipalities a hand and support the project by taking the environment and community into account in all respects in their travels in the area.

The English version of the homesite is still being updated but if you have some questions please do not hesitate to contact via email: theo@nsv.is.